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Husky News

The ISES family is happy to announce the arrival of our recent additions. After a restless week, under a full moon and during the wee hours of March 20th our Siberian husky “Mindo” finally gave birth. Sunday morning brought a welcomed surprise (and relief) as two healthy female puppies became the 27th and 28th members of our sled dog pack. 

Mindo and one of her little girls. Photo by Corie Jo Cushing


As these pups continue their first few days of life the kennel has settled down and the neighbouring huskies anxiously await meeting the new ‘kids’.
This is Mindo’s third and last litter.  She has consistently shown us her devoted and nurturing nature by being an excellent mom … and a good sport for allowing us to take pictures. 

Full moon on the night of Mindo's delivery. Photo by Corie Jo Cushing



Changing Seasons

Western Québec has experienced quite an interesting winter of extremes – from raging snowstorms and -20˚C to rainfall warnings and +20. Nonetheless, the winter of 2011 has brought some outstanding dogsledding, game-trail hiking, and photography.

Lac Indien and quinzhee hut melting

With the freezing temperatures now giving way to warmer weather, the melting snow is signalling the arrival of our Canadian spring. The ISES animal groups have begun shedding out winter coats, are now basking in the warmer sunshine and are thinking about mischief to  be had.

The girls go out for one of the last sled runs of the season


CNF Updates


Sequoia, our current black bear in rehabilitation before her release in the next few months. Photo by Janna Lee Cushing

Cushing Nature foundation (CNF) will soon be gearing up for the spring arrival of wildlife through the rescue and rehabilitation of critters that become orphaned or abandoned each year.
Stay tuned to next months newsletter for the progress  story of Sequoia – an orphaned bear cub from last year.



  • ISES celebrated EarthHour on March 26 at 8:30pm by turning off the lights.
  • We are proud to join Children & Nature Network, a group to encourage of the connection of children to nature. See more information at http://www.childrenandnature.org/
  • After visiting the GreenExpo in Ottawa, we are excited to announce the installation of our electricity energy monitor! This wireless gadget is enabled us to visually educate and take steps toward campus energy reduction.


The raccoons are becoming more active as the weather warms up. Photo by Corie Jo Cushing

Quote of the Day

True insight comes from within. – Socrates

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Hello world!

We are moving the ISES newsletter to this site. For more information about our programs and schedules visit our site at http://www.earth-studies.ca. Stay tuned for ISES news!

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