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While every day at ISES is Earth Day, this month is special because it recognizes the international celebration of Earth Day, April 22nd.

Bird Houses

ISES also creates environmental bridging programs with educational partners. For example, during the fall, winter and spring ISES hosts 17 student groups from Ashbury College LEEDES program. To compliment their ISES field trips teachers engage students with in-class projects, such as the construction of bird and bat boxes. Subsequently, in celebration of Earth Day – 2011 we mounted a number of sparrow, wood duck, and palliated woodpecker nesting boxes on campus grounds. The placement of these awesome units coincide with the spring arrival of thousands of migratory birds.


ISES Wild Animal Rescue Program: Rehabbing Deer

For over 35 years “being a voice for the voiceless” has fuelled ISES cofounder Jo Ellen Cushing’s  passion to work with animals. Subsequently, the ISES wild animal rehabilitation program is dedicated to connecting students with orphaned, wild animals.  Through daily feeding, care or connection students gain first-hand awareness about growing conflicts resulting from Man’s urbanization of the Land. As in the case of Elishka & Yanka – two orphaned fawns brought in during the spring of 2010 – highway traffic and stray dogs claim or maim juvenile wildlife regularly.
The week old fawn pictured below is having a hind leg set in a cast after surviving a dog bite that cracked his femur.
Three weeks later Helishka was “wagging” his tail at the camera.
During ISES’s 2010 summer and fall programs students helped bottle feed and maintain this pair of orphans until their release in late November, 2010.
These recent pictures of Helishka & Yanka attest that the yearlings having wintered well – with a little help from some grain supplement.
They wintered so well in fact, word went around the game trails that Helishka and Yanka had a good thing going on.  The deer in the foreground staring at the camera seems to be saying “Hey, it’s 5 p.m. – where’s the food?”



  • ISES representative attended Powershift 2011 in Washington D.C.
  • Brought out the canoes for the beginning of the season despite the new 6 inch snow cover
  • Geoffrey, the ISES co-founder and director had his first open water swim of the year on Earth Day in Lac Indien.


Upcoming Programs

Gap semester 10 weeks: Summer (rolling admission)

Gap semester 10 weeks: Fall (rolling admission)

Insight Quest Session 1: July 2nd- July 22nd (Study Tour: Nemaska)

Insight Quest Session 2: Jul 30th- August 19th (Study Tour: Gulf of St. Lawrence)


Quote of the Day

“Every individual matters, every individual has a role to play, and every individual makes a difference.”
— Jane Goodall

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